Well and Good LLC

Registered Investment Advisor

Simplicity on the other side of complexity

We embrace the future of the retirement plan fiduciary: written acceptance of fiduciary responsibility; fee and compensation transparency; merging of 403(b) and 401(k) oversight, laws and regulations, and; increasingly competitive service provider marketplace where the employer as plan sponsor decides what is in the best interest of the plan and its participants.

We focus on non-profit organizations and like-minded businesses. As children of educators, we all grew up with healthy appreciation for mission-based organizations. As professionals, we have many years of experience with non-profits' culture and decision-making.

Well and Good LLC is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an Investment Advisor (CRD 151091). Such registration is required to furnish retirement plan advisory services. We assume an investment fiduciary responsibility for your plan.  

We are among the less than 3% of Registered Investment Advisers that report 75% or more of their clients are pension and profit-sharing plans. 

We know your plan's marketplace. The vast majority of non-profits and similar businesses rely upon a "bundled" investment funding vehicle for their defined contribution plan services. We served as Officers in several of the most prominent insurance companies providing such vehicles. While independent, we maintain working relationships with many providers.

 We deliver straightforward opinions and data-driven analyses. We enable you to reach informed decisions, whether your plan expenses are reasonable in light of services received.

You may join other clients in finding these qualities refreshingly different. And, while we anticipate that you will choose our services based upon the benefit provided, the cost component of our engagement is almost always highly competitive. Even a fee-only advisor rarely accepts pure flat fee-for-service mandates, as we do. We gladly help you understand the differences between what we offer and proposals from other possible service providers. 

Through Well and Good LLC, Dick Shafer brings independent, professional and affordable advice to fiduciaries of retirement plans. I have watched Dick develop a suite of research-driven retirement plan investment advisory services especially well-suited to the needs of non-profit organizations. Dick has many talents but the one that stands above all else is his empathy for customers and their needs. For example, he always properly emphasizes the benefit of the plan and participants over any other interest. I recommend Dick Shafer and Well and Good to any organization looking to benefit from vast retirement industry knowledge, technical know how and positive attitude.  

Subi Banerjee - Senior VP Finance, DuTrac Community Credit Union, Dubuque, Iowa

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